Roundup 2/23: LGBT News, Features & More

A snapshot of LGBT news, features and tidbits from this week on the web:

Los Angeles & Southern California

Photo courtesy of Marsha Aizumi

Members of the San Gabriel Valley Asian and Pacific-Islander PFLAG at a Lunar New Year Parade.

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  • From the beach to The Abbey to Griffith Park, Frontiers runs down favorite businesses, organizations and public spaces in its Why We Love Gay L.A. List.



Sports & Entertainment











  • Pro-marriage equality ads from the Respect for Marriage Coalition includes clips of politicians from both sides of the aisle talking about marriage for same-sex couples. Laura Bush asked to be removed from the ads.



  • Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has published a brief about the experience of LGBT students participating in athletics.
    Here’s a snippet from the press release:
    Findings in this new research brief uncover 4 key concerns:
    1. Physical Education classes were unsafe environments for many LGBT students.
    2. LGBT students may be underrepresented on extracurricular sports teams.
    3. Many LGBT students experienced discrimination and harassment in school sports.
    4. LGBT student athletes may not be fully supported by school athletics staff and policies.

Features, Op-eds & Other Links

  •  Huffington Post Gay Voices: To Move or Not to Move?
    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Los Angeles. I was happily surprised by what I saw. Men holding hands with each other (and during the day, no less!) and families with gay parents were commonplace. Even in my blue neighborhood in my blue city, I’m not used to that. Where I live, I only expect to see men holding hands around the gay clubs, under the cover of nightfall. It isn’t safe, and everyone knows it. Gay men are especially careful not to show affection around children. They have been taught to always be careful. It makes me so sad.
    Did you ever face the question of whether to stay where you had roots or move somewhere with a culture more in tune with your values? What did you decide?


  • Windy City Times: VIEWPOINTS My family and marriage equality
    Here’s an excerpt from 10-year-old Braiden’s heartwarming account of life with her “two perfectly good dads:”
    Before I lived with my two dads, my life was horrible. My old family never treated me well. … I moved five times until my dad and daddy found me … They do so much for me. They never hurt me or my brother. I feel so safe. I believe I can do anything with my two dads. Would there be any purpose to ban the marriage of two men or two women when they can treat children the same or even better than other couples. I hope that you will do the right thing and let anyone marry who they want to.



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